Go Wild

People are more detached from nature than ever before. We drive our cars to the office, sit on our computers all day, then drive home and sit on our couches all night.

But we don’t have to travel far to rediscover nature. I live in a small flat in London, the most densely populated part of the country, and there is an abundance of wildlife to discover on the doorstep.

It’s not just a nice-to-have, or a hobby. It’s necessary. Nature provides clean air, water and food, regulates our climate, and keeps us healthy. Over half our global economy depends on a thriving natural world.

I’m determined to prove that humans and nature can live and flourish side by side in urban areas, and would love for you to join me for the ride.

I’ll be exploring my local area, sharing what nature has to offer all year round, and hopefully inspiring you to get outside and enjoy what’s in your own back garden - and protect it.

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Nature is everywhere and it is for everyone. I want to hear about what you’ve discovered, from outside your bedroom window to your local park. Share these posts with your friends and let me know about your wild city in the comments.

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